Gord Higginson’s ETEC 540 Rip.Mix.Feed

I combined a number of tools to create my Rip.Mix.Feed.  “Spelling with Flickr”  (http://metaatem.net/words/) brings up very interesting banners with just a few keystrokes.  “Dumpr” (www.dumpr.net) has wonderful tools to add interest and character to your images.  “Smilebox” (www.smilebox.com) is easy to use and gives a polished product with ease.  I had difficulty adding more than one image per slide, though.  May be possible, but wasn’t obvious.  I found this a bit limiting, as I wanted to put some images side-by-side.  All images (except the Ipad) were taken at my school.   This was  a fun project, and eye-opening! Wow, there are a lot of cool tools out there to try out. 

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