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Connections – shifting demands

One connection, in particular that resonates with me is Neill Postman’s notion of surrendering culture to technology, as discussed in chapter 3 of Technopoly and the emergence of a multiliteracies pedagogy.  The ground is shifting, the skill demands are changing, … Continue reading

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Making Connections and Reflections This course has been one of the most difficult and busiest for me thus far in my MET experience, and yet one of the most enjoyable as well. The birth of my son (almost a month … Continue reading

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Commentary 3: Why Professor Johnny Can’t Read

Why Professor Johnny Can’t Read Engaging today’s learner has become a difficult task for many of today’s educators. Teachers, administrators and schools are, in many cases, frantically trying to decipher what is needed in order to teach the learners of … Continue reading

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Rip.mix.feed connections: Or coming late to the party

This semester has been a bit of a personal struggle, but I wanted to try and participate in the rip.mix.feed activity. While I thought I would create a digital story about the life I have in SecondLife using JayCut or … Continue reading

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Making Connections – Dancing to the beat of learning

For me, learning is an exciting process where I absorb other people’s ideas and synthesize material to make my own connections and generate my own ideas. I love to learn. The excitement and joy of “getting it” makes me both … Continue reading

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It never ceases to amaze me how stressed I can get over something and then I don’t really understand how, but I do manage to do what I spent hours trying to do earlier. Well, finally my Photostory. Thanks for the no comments, as it didn’t work the first time that I tried. Anyways, now that I have vented, I want to comment on Photo Story. I discovered Photo Story several years ago at a Technology workshop and I knew that it was a good program to use in my Primary classroom to encourage oral literacy and digital literacy. This download is free from Microsoft and it is user friendly. I have made many photo stories with my classes. They are great to present at Student Led conferences. Enjoy. Continue reading

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Digital Literacy and Law Enforcement

INTRODUCTION: Policing organizations in Canada have an onerous responsibility with respect to providing disclosure in criminal cases. The courts have decreed that police must provide “full and frank” disclosure of all relevant information collected during the course of a criminal … Continue reading

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FINAL THOUGHTS This course has been an amazing opportunity to consider the works of J.Bolter and Walter ONG among many other theorists/authors that we have been exposed to through our course readings.  It has been really nice to interact with … Continue reading

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Multiliteracies Reflections and Practice

The role of digital technologies is ubiquitous in every aspect of the modern Canadian educational system and the opportunities to support student learning with modern technologies is staggering in scope. As such, recently federal and provincial governments have allocated considerable … Continue reading

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Reflection of 540 and Making Connections

This has been my first course in the MET program and I have enjoyed it very much. At the beginning, I was a little worried about my interest in the historical perspectives in Walter Ong’s book. I often had to … Continue reading

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