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Education in Tech Blogs: Pipe

I realize it is not very exciting to look at but I thought I would try something completely new for me – Yahoo Pipes. I am grateful I did because I think it could have fantastic utility for course projects … Continue reading

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Making Connections

Making Connections Leslie Dawes ETEC 540 After reading chapters 9 and 10 of Bolter (pp.189-213) and viewing the Community Weblog, I can reflect on my journey through ETEC 540 with a connection to self and fellow students. As Bolter states, … Continue reading

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Making Connections

Connecting our lives away! As we arrive at the end of our course and we begin to reflect upon our process, it must be said that the growth of scholarly discussion on technology, text and digital literacy is exponential. Many … Continue reading

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Making Connections – Cindy (Leach) Plunkett

     There have been many over the years that have eluded that to know where you are going, you must first understand where you’ve been.  This course has been excellent in providing that perspective.  I have learned a lot of … Continue reading

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Rip.Mix.Feed Activity – Bookmarking

For the Rip.Mix.Feed activity, I chose to organize the resources I used for my course project using I added some quotes from each resource in the note section. The link to my bookmarking page is Ryosuke

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Text connections – quality over quantity?

Frye was right. We’ve now moved the notion of reading horizontally rather than vertically online, and it is constantly changing the way we use text. This course has helped me gain a better understanding of how text has developed and … Continue reading

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Rip.Mix.Feed. Braille Gallery

I was able to write a research paper on braille for this course, and found the topic quite interesting. This was the first time that I had really conducted any research into the subject, and I’ve been intrigued at the … Continue reading

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Major Project – Text spaces in Augmented Reality (AR)

Hi Everyone. I’ve put together a Major Project as my course assignment and made a page for it on a separate personal blog to save space here at Text Technologies. The link for my Major Project is here My project … Continue reading

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My Rip.Mix.Feed video is a kind of sidebar to my Major Project, which is about the use of Augmented Reality in creating new types of interactive books and other media. One of the challenges that I encountered in researching Augmented … Continue reading

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