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Aspects of Digital Literacy

Hello Everyone, my name is Angela Novoa and I am writing you from Santiago, Chile. This is my 9th course at the MET program and I am also taking ETEC 522, wishing to finish all my courses on December and graduate next spring.

I chose this image because I am interested on how literacy has changed over the years. Our students communicate and share thoughts, ideas, and emotions in a different way than we do. Also, from my experience as an educator, most of the tools available on the Web, if they are used in education centered on students’ ownership of their learning process, can psomote collaboration, critical thinking skills, creative problem solving, etc.

But some things that I am concerned with this new kind of literacy (the digital one) are the safety of my students on the web, the ethical use of technologies and the ethical way to communicate and share ideas between them and how this can affect the development of an effective communication. Finally, I am interested on learning how the process of shorting terms (by the use of emoticons, for example) is changing our way of thinking, communicating and learning.



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