Texting, All Three

texting, all three

Hi everyone! My name is Garth and I am a student in the Educational Psychology, Technology in Education department at the University of Alberta.

I chose this image because I am fascinated with how mobile technology is changing the way we interact with each other. To a ludite, these three individuals have no idea how to talk with each other and their cellphones have ruined them. To a technophile, their are strengthening multiple relationships at once. As has been alluded to throughout module 1, I think the true effect of mobile technology lies somewhere in between.

I am an instructor in the Office Adminstration department at Grande Prairie Regional College. When I started teaching here 6 years ago I was interested in learning more about how technology (computers) have and will affect written language. After working with students who use mobile technologies all of the time, I became more interested in how mobile technologies are affecting the way students interact with each other, and how that affects the typical classroom.

Google led me to this course and I am very excited to be a part of this learning community and look forward to getting to know everyone.

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