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After reading about digital stories in our course readings I was intrigued and wanted to experiment.  It was also a creative journey that allowed me to test the various theories of the technology of text, outbreak of the visual and various theories we studied in the course.

I created a Tumblr page called Creative Dystopia on which I published the results of my creative endeavours.  See it here:

In the Creative Dystopia blog I created a fictional space within which to practice some digital story experimentation utilizing many programs from list of Web 2.0 programs, as well as my own graphic and animation work.

Included on the Tumblr page are the following elements:

  • a quote to engage reader interest – as a bard might have used to engage his/her audience in ancient times.
  • a video artistically depicting Vancouver in 2022 as a major node in the global network society
  • a short story dealing with various themes and issues uncovered in the MET courses
  • a Wordle creating an artistic arrangement of text from the story
  • A graphical advertisement for a fictional company I created called Interminds Digital Solutions Corporation, whose product is the ability to upload minds to the internet
  • A video utilizing multiple Web 2.0 tools and my webcam, along with an online text-to-speech tool (script for the video is below)
  • a link to a Twitter account I set up:!/CDystopias in which I am experimenting with a fragmented Twitter-based story

Overall it was an incredible creative adventure consisting of over 3 weeks of work, long hours and little sleep.  However, I really wanted to test the concept of a digital story by creating a completely fictional space complete with banners, graphics, movies, text, visual imagery, special effects and social media integrated into a social blog.  

All graphics have been purchased or downloaded from true copyright/royalty free sources ( and and the graphics, animations, movies and stories are my own creation.

I hope you enjoy the various elements as much as I have enjoyed putting them together in a huge creative flow!

Kenneth Buis
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