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Information Technology

I think that the intersection of text and technology is tightly correlated to Information Technology but the Information Technology becomes relevent only when the text becomes understood to be information. So, in keeping with the above definition, we are then … Continue reading

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Text as Technology

Black Robe Clip* As seen in this clip from the film “Black Robe”*, text is clearly a technology – and one which people did not always have. An inherent distrust of what is misunderstood can also be seen in the … Continue reading

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What is Technology?

I came across this video that I thought was very useful in helping me breaking down the definition of technology. The area of the video that really pertains to this course is the section between 1:25 and 4:10 as it … Continue reading

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By Matt Delbridge After searching for various definitions about the term technology I learned that all these terms do not have a unique meaning. Yet, in my search it appeared in repeated occasions the following terms: art, skills, product and construct.  … Continue reading

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What is Technology?

By: Andrew Rollinger What is technology? I have grappled with this question before. The grade three B. C. Social Studies curriculum (2006) asks students to show how technology affects individuals and communities past and present. Initially, I thought the technology … Continue reading

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Technology – Juliana’s view

I created the image in Figure 1 using ClipArt.  I thought it spoke to the variations we see in technology.  Even though the term “technology” is very broad and speaks to using knowledge and tools for a practical purpose (Oxford English Dictionary, … Continue reading

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