Photography: Impact and Change

I chose to present my assignment in the format attached, in an attempt to simulate a hypertext. I would have loved to use a Mind Map, but struggled to find free software that would suffice. You can either read the text in linear form by forwarding the slides in the Power Point show, or you can click on whatever section you want on the first slide. Should you choose to read the context as a hypertext, please open the presentation and navigate around it by clicking on the headings on the first slide, or on the underlined hyperlinks. Some of these hyperlinks will direct you to videos or web sites that may take you outside of the presentation, so you may need to re-open it again. Other hyperlinks will direct you within the Power Point presentation; in order to navigate back to the first slide click ‘HOME’, or to return to the slide you were directed from, click ‘BACK’. The hyperlinks do not work on an iPad, so it is best to view this presentation on a PC or Mac.



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