The Great Nitrogen Cycle

In ETEC 565A, I developed a story to show the pathway of nitrogen through the nitrogen cycle.  I developed this in sliderocket.  I found sliderocket worked very well for this as I could upload video I had developed in Powerpoint with animations.  I could also do a voice-over per slide as well as background music for the whole presentation.  Allowing the full presentation to auto-run also worked well for this presentation.  For this course, I decided to rework the story into a Glog using glogster.  This was a neat tool as well and I can see students using it to develop interactive posters for class projects.  The format is not as useful for the linear nature of the presentation but using the numbering helps create the order and gives the choice to use any order.  Please find embeds and links to both of the stories below.
[iframe src=”″ width=”100%px” height=”400px”]
[iframe src=”″ width=”100%px” height=”800px”]


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