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Rip. Mix. Feed.

My final project focused on graphic novels, and for this assignment I chose to tell a story using Comic Life 2. I have never used it before, but it was remarkably easy to create a story. The story I chose … Continue reading

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“I Think Therefore I AM”

As I look back through the wealth of readings, videos, blogs, wikis and the abundance of posts, I can hardly believe how far this journey has taken me.  Upon reading Walter Ong’s book, “Orality and Literacy”, I remember thinking, “what … Continue reading

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Fairy Tales for Twentysomethings

Sleeping Beauty was lying in bed checking Facebook from her phone, just feeling so completely alone in her depression. Then she came across a post from an acquaintance about how sad he was, it was a darkness that made him … Continue reading

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Final Project: Getting Graphic

For my final project, I focused on the graphic novel.  I have created a weebly site to show off my amazing attempts (now known as Exhibit A in the case as to why I should not be an art educator) … Continue reading

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The Relationship Between Text and Animated GIFs

Hello everyone! Here is a link to my final project, a look at animated GIFs as an important component of Web 2.0 culture (even following the propagation of Flash) and an interesting partner to hypertext. (And don’t worry, there’s only … Continue reading

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The Power of Images and Sound

[vimeo][/vimeo] I came upon this video by accident today, and, aside from bringing a rush of feelings and memories, it made me think of this course. It reminded me of our readings about text forms becoming more visual (for better … Continue reading

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Happenstance: Representative of both new and old.

Introduction Various fictions have experimented with the new digital medium; the vast majority of  which are considered avant-garde, experimental, and experiential. This is in art because the reader of fiction must strictly follow the writer’s path (Kress, 2005). This paper … Continue reading

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Web 2.0 Ideas

I have used Wall Wisher in the past in both the MET program and my teaching. It’s a great interactive and creative tool that I have used with success. I am just starting to work on a new wall with … Continue reading

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PowerPoint vs. Gliffy

Due to an overwhelming amount of printing inquiries at my school, I created a troubleshooting sign for my school using Powerpoint. Given the MET opportunity, I decided to recreate the same sign using Gliffy. After some initial trial and error … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Remediation

Throughout our fourth module, the term remediation – and the concept of it – has stuck with me the most. In J. D. Bolter’s book, Writing Space, the inferred definition could be “change with some kind of clash or one-upmanship” … Continue reading

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