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Wrestling with Remediation

Throughout our fourth module, the term remediation – and the concept of it – has stuck with me the most. In J. D. Bolter’s book, Writing Space, the inferred definition could be “change with some kind of clash or one-upmanship” … Continue reading

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Comic Books – Connecting Us to Cultural Change

Introduction Comic books are a form of sequential art, using a combination of illustrations and text to tell a story.  These stories are influenced by the cultural concerns of the time, and change as society changes. But this isn’t a … Continue reading

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Write & Wrong

Introduction In the first few weeks of our course, we have read and talked about two separate cultures – oral ones, and literate ones. In the past, especially, oral cultures have been thought to be more simple, primitive, and not … Continue reading

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Media Literacy: Preparing for the Collision of Worldviews

In “The Judgment of Thamus”, the introductory chapter to his book entitled Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology (1992), Postman identifies the dangers of embracing new technologies blindly; he argues, as did McLuhan, that technologies inherently determine what use … Continue reading

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While I was doing my daily web-browsing habits this morning, I came across a pin on Pinterest that brought a new thought to the word TEXT and its power. Yes, text or texting has power over each and every one … Continue reading

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Technology – Text’s Transformer and Transmitter

Technology, text’s transformer and transmitter, is altering the world we live in by using new mediums by which texts, “socially contextual symbols”, are delivered. Technology has existed since ancient time, but it can almost be considered a ‘novelty’ in the … Continue reading

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A Composition of Contextual Symbols

My definition of the word “text”: A text is a composition of « socially contextual symbols » that form a language and from which conveys meaning to be communicated.  Nevertheless, the text does not exist without its interaction with the world. To … Continue reading

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Selective Living

Technology increases our ability to make connections. We are connected to more people through technology than ever before. We have more control over who we hang out with and escape the confines of the physical world. This isolates us from … Continue reading

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The Text we Hold with Technology

While the means and methods for storage of data become smaller and smaller, the cumulative amount of saved and accumulated text will only increase. Used in its broadest sense, text comprises an almost inconceivably staggering collection of materials. In 2012, I … Continue reading

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Our Incessant Appetite

Dictionary.com defines text as “the main body of matter in a manuscript, book, newspaper,etc., as … the original words of an author or speaker, [and] as … the actual wording of anything written or printed” (text, n.d.). In searching for … Continue reading

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