Introduction- Text and Technology

I have pretty text messaging ♥
Taken by: Debs

I chose this picture because like most people, I text a lot on my phone. I text more than I actually talk on my phone (I know some people rarely talk on their phone and only text, just so you know—I’m not that person). This picture showcases the use of text (writing and texting), technology (phone), and reading (communicating and understanding nonstandard English words, i.e. “lol”).

I am currently taking my 5th and 6th MET courses this semester. I took this course because I am hoping it will provide me with a deeper understanding of text and technology along with resources/ideas I can utilize in my classroom. I am a TTOC (teacher teaching on call) in the Surrey School District with almost one year of teaching experience. I am eager to get my own classroom!

I look forward to working with all of you,

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