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Making Connections…and Changes

In reflecting on this course from beginning to end, I find myself with a much better picture and time-line of the process from oral language to the forms of text we use today. Ong (1982) wrote about oral cultures and … Continue reading

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Multi-Literacies in a Digital Age

Multi-literacies What motivated you to explore the appliction(s) you used? I wanted to present a brief description of Multi-Literacies in Technology and decided to try a few different Web 2.0 tools. I first tried SmileBox, but found that it had … Continue reading

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The Finer Points of Writing: Word Separation and Punctuation

Introduction Having learned how to write before computers and spellcheck, I often tend to take my knowledge of spelling and grammar for granted. On my way through elementary school I learned to print neatly, capitalize letters, put a finger-space between … Continue reading

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Friend or foe?

Technology. Is it friend or foe? Over twenty years ago, Neil Postman wrote his book Technolopoly in an effort to “describe when how and why technology became a particularly dangerous enemy” (Postman, 1992). Even at the time he wrote his … Continue reading

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Introduction: Chenoa Dirks

Scrabble!! How many words can you make with 2 letters? I chose this picture because I love to play, even though I don’t have much time to these days. It represents letters, words, text, community, and of course a little … Continue reading

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