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The Rise of the Novel and the Agency of Change

Alphonse de Lamartine stated, “France was bored” and with these words he perfectly encapsulated the impact of the novel. The printing press had created the ability to transmit text at a rate not possible before, however the novel took this … Continue reading

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The hierarchy of art or “… working backwards to answers assumed from the start” (Biakolo, 1999)

The canon of literature has historically been biased to western thought. Similarly the debate over the impact of orality versus literacy is also biased to western ideals and as a result literate culture is seen as superior to oral cultures. … Continue reading

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Introduction: Nicholas Graves

I picked this picture because it speaks to both this course and to my context. The photo is from a park in Kaifeng, China; the city I currently live and work in. The sign to me represents the confusion of … Continue reading

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