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Making Connections

The following is a link to the Prezi I made on making connections: Lindsay

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Hello everyone, Since no one has chosen to use Gliffy yet as their medium for the Rip.Mix.Feed activity, I decided to give it a try. This was my first time using this communication tool and I found it appealing because … Continue reading

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Christian Influences on the Transition from Scroll to Codex

Bolter (2001) argues “the most important visual structure in the medieval codex was the marginal note”. I chose to present my research paper using Google Documents, in order to allow viewers the affordance of annotating the text. Feel at liberty … Continue reading

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Writing and the Nature of Learning

The shift from exclusively oral communication to the use of text-based methods significantly altered the nature of knowledge acquisition, particularly human memory capabilities, information processing and collaborative learning. While the ability to write enables individuals to preserve their stories and … Continue reading

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Summary of the Introduction Posts

When reading the introductions posted to the weblog, I was astounded at the variety of images, thoughts and impressions relating to text. Each post highlighted a unique insight into the nature and capabilities of text, which were selected for different … Continue reading

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Text Mediums

Hi everyone, This image represents a number of essential facets to the nature and affordances of text. It demonstrates that people can employ a variety of materials and mediums to use and communicate with text. These methods are changing with … Continue reading

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