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Kerpoof and Rip.Mix.Feed

I created a story using kerpoof.com. I was motivated to explore this application because of my final group project on graphic novel creation. I am always looking for new and engaging tools for story creation in my elementary classroom. Kerpoof.com … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from Dumpr and Photoshop!

What motivated you to explore the appliction(s) you used? I just decided to quickly play around with Dumpr  because I had never heard of it before and a few people had used it already. What have you attempted to achieve … Continue reading

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Mark Antony in 2013: Power of Oration and Persuasive Rhetoric

Accepting that Western society is predominantly literate it is difficult for us to recognize the oral roots upon which our culture is founded. In fact it would be near impossible to consider how an artifact from a previous culture impacts … Continue reading

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Teachnology: The Role of Teachers When Teaching with Technology

As technology changes, so do our lives. It is obvious technology changes the way we communicate, but it is also changing our culture in ways we might not realize. We are constantly making a bargain of some sort because for … Continue reading

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Petroglyphs were introduced to me by my father during one of our summer family road trips.  I was intrigued by the images, the pictures, the symbols and what they represented.  What stories did they tell?  What was their purpose?  What … Continue reading

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