GSNJ300 Culture Jam 2016


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 1.31.55 PMFor many years, white feminist has fought a war of equality, social status, and gender role problematics, for simple reasons of changing the future for young women. Have white feminist considered movements for indigenous women, African American women or women of colour that are raced? Leading me to subvert Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall/Winter 2015 ad that represents the culture of white women to be free, and use his brand to empower other Caucasian women. Also I would like add onto the controversy of Hilfiger’s racial issues that exists within his company. Though the Oprah Winfrey show had expressed the racial issue that took place on her show, was false, Hilfiger still seems to fail at involving women of colour in his advertisement. Tommy Hilfiger ads impose clear recognition of Caucasian driven interests, he shows the true nature of our fashion driven societies preferences. While women of colour are faced with the controversy of being excluded from popular brand name clothing company ads such Tommy Hilfiger. However, by using methods such as culture jamming or meme-driven communication to show how degrading, derogatory, and raced ads effect women of colour, may shed light on the issues at hand.

With that in mind, the problem I will be addressing is Tommy Hilfiger advertisement of Caucasian women showing the freedom and high social status they have, and failing to include the women who are exploited in making this products. Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing line is produced  in Saipan U.S.A., giving him the right to tag his clothing as made in the United States. However, the indigenous women of Saipan are exploited in making Tommy Hilfiger clothing. The raced women in these factories are unable to endure the freedom of wearing Tommy Hilfiger or even being apart of the Hilfiger social status. Therefore, by subverting the image with alternate wording, I will show the true nature and struggles within diverse field of feminism.


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.00.28 PM

Tommy Hilfiger’s original Fall/Winter 2015 ad gave me insight on our fashion driven society and consumer advertisement expectations. The original advertisement has the ability to show Caucasian women in power of the way they dress, and hold themselves. Although, by adding words to the above picture I hope it will invoke individuals interest on how the image only represents white women’s freedom of fashion, matriarchy, and feminism, by failing to include women of colour. Therefore, I would like to recognize the women that are exploited in the process of making these picture perfect. Although, white feminism does speaks for all women in terms of gender roles within households, but fails to display women of colour struggling with exclusion and exploitation in fashion advertisement. Naomi Campbell was one of the first African American supermodels in the fashion industry, but her fight was to fit in, not to raise raced feminism awareness.

So by shedding light on the issue of raced advertisement for popular fashion brands, through culture jamming I intend to inspire others on the topic of raced advertisement exclusion. Furthermore, show how the women in the picture are able to wear the Tommy Hilfiger brand. A country that states their reputation on free status, still allow women to be be raced and exploited in manufactories. The United States has overlooked raced women feminism for years, as they continue to fight for equality, higher social status, household gender roles, and acceptance within the social norms. This issue needs more recognitions and awareness, for the simple reason equality within our nation as a whole.



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