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Original Jpeg

This advertisement is for Protein World’s weight loss collection of supplements. It features an attractive woman wearing a yellow bikini and she has a fit and slender yet curvy body. The phrase “are you beach body ready?” is written across the ad followed by the words “the weight loss collection.”

The ad is intended to encourage women to get in shape by buying Protein World’s products to supplement their weight loss. However, the ad sends the harmful message to women that their bodies are not ready for the beach if they do not resemble the ultra-fit body of the model in the ad. Thus, this ad body-shames women into buying Protein World’s products in a quest to be beach body ready. This ad is especially harmful because it implies that women that do not look like the model do not take the right supplements nor do they take care of their bodies because if they did, they would look like the “beach body ready” model. However, this places unreasonable expectations on women because people have different genetic compositions so just because a woman does not resemble the model in this ad, it does not mean she does not adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

I will be addressing the body-shaming context of this ad and the unrealistic expectations it places on women. I intend to illustrate that every woman is beach body ready because all women have the right to go to the beach wearing a bikini or whatever else they choose regardless of what their bodies look like.


New Ad

Jamming Philosophy/Jammed Ad

My goal was to illustrate that every woman is beach body ready, regardless of the public perception of “perfection” or “beauty standards” forced by external platforms such as general or social media. So, I deleted the picture of the model in the original ad and I replaced it with a woman of different shape and size who is wearing a yellow swimsuit. I changed the words “are you beach body ready?” to “you are beach body ready!” Then, I changed the words “the weight loss collection” to “the health enhancing collection”. Additionally, I deleted the picture of the meal replacement supplements and the words “meal replacement and supplements” and I replaced them with “find the Protein World booth at your local beach for a sample of our new health enhancing supplements.” I also deleted the small print next to the model in the original ad, which read “substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with a meal replacement contributes to weight loss.” I replaced it with “recognizing and celebrating your natural beauty contributes to your overall health.”


My jammed ad emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and a healthy self esteem as being fundamental to overall health. My alteration aspires to invoke a healthy body image in all women and also to demonstrate that health does not necessary equate to being thin or ultra-toned. People can achieve health by just living a balanced life-style that is not necessarily focused on being super-fit. I also endeavored to boost women’s self-esteem by demonstrating that any woman can and should feel free to go to the beach wearing a swimsuit, regardless of her size.