Open Studio Gallery – Alison Trim

Open Studio Gallery

Alison Trim

9 – 20 September 2019

 Over this two week period current MFA student Alison Trim will be using the FINA gallery as an open studio space to explore her graduate research within a white box gallery space and the potential for developing the work through installational approaches. This is a working studio space, not an exhibition, however the public are welcome to visit the gallery/studio to explore the work in progress and meet the artist. Alison will be in residency at the studio at the following times, when she is not present the gallery will be closed.

10am – 1pm Tuesdays

10am – 4pm Wednesdays

10am – 4pm Thursdays

10am – 2pm Fridays

Statement of work in progress

Through expanded drawing practices including collaborative and installational approaches, drawing as both action and object is at the core of my current research. Responding to the impact of a new landscape in moving from rural Ireland to the Okanagan valley, extensive walking and experimental drawing methodologies have informed the direction of my work.

The combination of resilience and fragility evident in the richness of surface found whilst walking within regions still scarred by fire is interesting to me both visually and ecologically. This has become the raw material for creating drawings through direct collaboration with Ponderosa Pines carrying the scars of past fires in their skin as charcoal. These drawings are at the core of a body of work that acts as an active surface; to be read, as a map, or experienced as terrain.

This residency is enabling me to experiment with translating somatic experience of connection with, and immersion in place, into a gallery context. Making visible those knowledges located physically in the marks made by body and land, my work explores the role of drawing in enabling active conversation with the non-human.

Alison Trim

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