Creative Works Off Campus

Camera Roll – Work by UBCO Photography Students

The second semester of the senior photography class at UBCO is devoted to developing the student’s individual vision. There are no projects assigned and each person is encouraged to research and begin to investigate subject matter and styles of working that are relevant and meaningful to themselves. The results are seen here as early worlds in the new careers of emerging artists.
The work has been divided into two exhibition with two distinct orientations. The first group’s work uses the landscape as a starting point for inspiration and the second group uses the figure as its central theme.

The Landscape:
Kelsie Balehowdky, Faith Clancy, Taylor Crain, Shea Hermanson, Natalie Kreining , Michelle Mackay, Mandira Rajasheker, Gemma Rose, Ali Young
The Figure:
Catriona Blair, Pilar Guinea, Emerald Holden, Dean Krawchuck, Alia Popoff, Ashley Taron

Playtime by Kathryn Holden and Dean Krawchuck

Welcome to the world of Playtime. A place you can enter with an open imagination, and create bonding moments with both friends and strangers alike. With the elimination of rules people should feel free to express themselves as openly as children do. Our aim in creating this exhibit is to engage adults in the idea of play – a concept often masked by adult responsibilities. We want you to feel free and open to follow your childhood inhibitions.