Flexible Learning in the ISW (Dec 2014 FDW)

by mcalisterj

Welcome!  Thank you for taking 20 minutes out of your very busy FDW week to complete this lesson on Flexible Learning in the ISW.

As an ISW participant you likely arrived at Day 1 with a lesson ready to teach, then spent the first 2-3 hour of Day 1 learning about objectives, active learning, and assessment and perhaps then wishing you could now redesign your lesson…..

What if your participants arrived at Day 1 already having completed lessons about objectives, active learning, and assessment?  With Flexible Learning they can!  Additionally, incorporating flexible learning into your ISW allows you to model flexible learning as an Instructional Skill.


1. Review an example of Flexible Learning incorporated into the ISW and identify three opportunities provided by incorporating Flexible Learning into your ISW.

2. Share any apprehensions you have with incorporating Flexible Learning into the ISW.

(Estimated time to complete: 20 minutes)

Perhaps you have never heard of Flexible Learning, well you are participating in it now! 🙂 Flexible Learning can mean many things to many different people, you can learn more about Flexible Learning projects around UBC.   For our purposes here we are going to consider lessons that your ISW participants can complete outside the face to face portion of the workshop.  We can consider additional opportunities on Friday morning of your FDW.

What can Flexible Learning in the ISW look like?  Please take 5-10 minutes and view the lessons developed as part of a recent ISW here at UBC CTLT.  Go to ‘Participant Online Activities’ and then click on the arrow next to Day 1.  You will see lessons on learning objectives, active learning, and assessments, as well as a place for participants to introduce themselves, and information on planning your first lesson for Day 1.  Navigate around the site and find other lessons and resources to explore.

Now, take a moment to reflect and consider:

1) Identify 3 opportunities available by incorporating Flexible Learning into an ISW that you would facilitate

2) Share any apprehensions you have as a facilitator about incorporating Flexible Learning into an ISW

Please click ‘Leave a comment’ below and type your responses into the comment box, if you choose to remain anonymous you can have fun choosing a pen name, you could be lavendar cat or blue apple 🙂 .  Please also reply to at least one other comment made by another participant.

This lesson is estimated to take 20 minutes to complete.  Please complete this lesson by Thursday Dec 4, 8:00pm.

Your responses will help inform the lesson on Flexible Learning on Friday morning of your FDW.  Thank you!