BIOL 140: Laboratory Investigations in Life Science

Course Description

Guided experimental investigations of biological questions.

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Registration/Waitlist Contact

For information regarding registration or the waitlist, please contact the course coordinator Chin Sun at:


Course Syllabus & Course Policies

For a general BIOL 140 course syllabus, please click here and for the list of course policies please click here.

Times and Locations of the Labs

Your registration designation for Biology 140 consists of three parts:


  • Each week you will need to prepare for the lab activities by completing tasks listed in Canvas (reading, watching videos, quizzes). Before you begin to prepare for Lab 1 you must complete the pre-quiz ‘Course policies’ and obtain a score of 100% on it (you have unlimited attempts for this first quiz).
  • When you hand in an assignment, always identify it with your name and correct lab section (e.g. Alex Smith Section D2).
  • In Lab 10 we will be conducting a field study in Pacific Spirit Regional Park and will meet not in lab, but will meet at Jim Everett Memorial Park (see Lab 10 preparation for a map of the location). Be prepared for the weather by wearing suitable clothing (we go rain or shine). Make every effort to be on time.

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