Teaching Workshop and Coaching

Here I would like to share some resources that were used for the VSE TA workshop. I think all in the teaching and learning community can benefit from reviewing these tips and suggestions.

Teaching Assistant: 

1. If you are starting off as a TA at your graduate school, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with your university’s policy on appointment of graduate students and TA guideline provided by your department. 

You can find UBC resources here:

A quick guide for TAs

UBC CTLT list of resources 

2. Your department and University are very likely to offer TA workshops and training programs, these are free programs and will also add weight to your CV. You might also want to look into professional development courses offered by your university for graduate students. 

Here is a list offered by UBC:

A Guide to Effective Practices for Teaching Assistants

3. Familiarize yourself with the learning management system (LMS) used by the department or the university. These will be used for interacting & communicating with the students, and to maintain and update grades and rosters.

Here are two playlists I have put together-

CANVAS: This is a Learning management system offered by UBC and is used by most VSE   faculty. The following playlist will familiarize you with organizing content; Posting Announcement, Creating Assignment; Uploading and Maintaining Grades. 


MyLab: is a learning management system for Pearson textbooks.


4. Advice from your senior TAs is the most useful resource for any newcomers. So, take them out for tea/coffee and ask for tips. 

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