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The FHIS Multilingual Learning Centre is a free service available for students of all levels and languages of the FHIS curriculum (French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish). We offer student-centered conversation practice, tutoring (i.e. grammar and vocabulary questions), and help with the continued development of core skills (i.e. speaking, listening, reading, and writing) necessary for students’ success in acquiring and becoming proficient in the languages that we teach.

A new schedule of sessions is posted at the Centre (BuTO 898) every Wednesday at 12pm and it is also always available on the FHIS Department’s website. Drop-in sessions are offered as follows for French: come alone or bring colleagues from class, online-exercise partners, etc:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 6.27.57 PMStudents should bring their textbooks, texts, instructor guidelines for assignments, and any additional documents that will help consultants and students out during the session. For questions related to grammar, vocabulary, and language usage, students are asked to come with specific questions and/or (in most cases) previously graded assignments. Tutors will then help students to work through strategies to problem solve and arrive at their own answers through grammar and vocabulary modeling.

What shouldn’t I expect from my session?

  • We will NOT proofread papers or compositions for you.
  • We will NOT write last minute papers for you so please plan accordingly.

For further information, please view our Prezi:


  • Arts Student Support : http://students.arts.ubc.ca/student-support/
    Arts Academic Advising : http://students.arts.ubc.ca/advising/
    Buchanan D111
    Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
    (usually afternoon (1-4 p.m.) = drop-in, extended hours at the begining of term, further details follow below)
    Closed weekends and statutory holidaysThe Arts Academic Advising Office provides drop-in advising, Monday to Friday (1-4pm) in Buchanan D-111, answers brief questions via email or you can ask a quick general question on the Arts Facebook page.
    Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 5.23.56 PMEmail: Please include your student number
    Domestic Students – arts.advisor@ubc.ca
    International Students – arts.international@ubc.ca
    Aboriginal Students – arts.aboriginal@ubc.ca
    Phone: 604.822.4028 *For current UBC students
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  • Faculty of Arts grading guidelines: any course marks and your final grade may be adjusted to comply with these guidelines. For a version of these guidelines used by FHIS, see: Grading Guidelines for Content-Based Courses (Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies, UBC)


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  • 604.822.2222 = UBC Campus Security
  • 604.822.4444 = Campus First Aid
  • 911 = emergency services (ambulance, fire, police): on the UBC campus, call UBC Campus Security first (for practical reasons: the fastest response)


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