How athletes excel

by Krysia Collyer on April 13, 2009

Owning the podium in sports means that athletes must work long and hard to perfect their skills. While it is assumed that achieving athletic greatness involves tireless hours of training and exercising both in and out of the gym, taking home that number one spot may, in the end, be the result of the “gifts” that your parents give you at birth – your genes.

The genetic “gifts” our parents gave us at birth may play a part in the way our body responds to training and exercise.  Scientists believe that the combination of psychological traits, the body’s physical characteristics, and the number of years participating in a sport are all part of the package of being an elite athlete.

Watch as some of the men from the Canadian National aerialist team discuss the key components to being an elite athlete, their training regiments, and how they plan to succeed in winning gold in the 2010 Olympics.

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