GEOG 429 End of Term Class Conference

Research in Historical Geography
Tuesday March 26th, 9am to 12:30pm
Museum of Vancouver, 1100 Chestnut Street
The students of Geog 429, Research in Historical Geography, invite you to
attend their end of term class conference.
While this is a bring your own mug event, light food and drink will be



9am Welcome, Intro.

9:15-10:05 Five Presentations

  • Alexandra Reid (partnered with the Steveston Museum).
    Fire, Flood, and Fish: A Steveston Walking Tour
  • Justin Staeck (partnered with The North Pacific Cannery Heritage Site).
    The Everyday Experiences of a north coast Japanese-Canadian Fisherman, at
    Home and in the Workplace.
  • Lauren Salh (partnered with The Union of BC Indian Chiefs).
    An Exploration of Squamish Place Naming and Language Revitalization.
  • Amanda Tsang (partnered with The Forest History Association of British
    A Forest History of The Seymour Watershed
  • Steven Chen (partnered with Michael Kluckner, Independent Researcher and
    Historical Vancouver: a View of Post-War Commercial Photographers.

10:05-10:10        Short Break

10:10-11:00        Five Presentations

  • Alana Westerhof (partnered with The North Pacific Cannery Heritage Site).
    Uncovering the Working Experience at the North Pacific Cannery.
  • Derrick Chan (partnered with The North Pacific Cannery Heritage Site).
    Detailing the Lives of those working in the Fishing Fleet at the North
    Pacific Cannery.
  • Michael Tarves (partnered with The Camosun Bog Restoration Group).
    A History of The Camosun Bog: Early Contact, Restoration Efforts and the
    People Involved.
  • Kuk Lam Wong (partnered with The Museum of Vancouver).
    “Rewilding” Vancouver: an account of historical species change.
  • Nicholas Dhaliwal (partnered with The Vancouver Heritage Foundation).
    The changing culture of Vancouver detached homes since World War II.

11:00-11:05        Short Break

11:05-11:45        Four Presentations

  • Jessica Stephens-Whale (partnered with The Union of BC Indian Chiefs).
    An account of Ts’kw’aylax Philosophy and Use of Water, in the Central
    Interior of British Columbia
  • Courtney Stickland (partnered with Heritage Vancouver).
    The Forgotten Front: The Hidden History of Vancouver during the First
    World War.
  • Nicole Godwin (partnered with The UBC Herbarium).
    The UBC Herbarium: an institutional history.
  • Brittany Blachford (partnered with The UBC Herbarium).
    Exploring the History of Women in Botany: Tracing Seven Female
    Contributors of the UBC Herbarium.

11:45-12:30        Light Lunch, Discussion.