Geography Cares: Book Sale

Photo of Friday’s book sale with staff (LtoR) Ivan, Sandy, Jeannie. Still lots of books left at Main Office for $1.00 each.

Geography Cares had a book sale on March 22, 2013. Over $ 200.00 was raised for the ONE TO ONE Children’s Literacy Society. Remaining books are available from the Main Office for $1.00 each.ONE TO ONE programs can be found in 56 participating Vancouver district schools with approximately 300 volunteer tutors. Each trained tutor provides one to one assistance two to five times a week for 600 children each year. Geography’s donation is enough to cover two new schools to start up their ONE TO ONE program.

A special thank you to Sandy Lapsky, Kevin Gillard and Mimi Yu who led the effort, and to all the staff, faculty, graduate students and undergrads who showed their support by donating their books, time and money for the book sale.