In the Media: Dr. Karen Bakker on needing a new approach to transboundary water governance

Dr. Karen Bakker and her fellow researchers wrote to The Vancouver Sun on the need for a new approach to transboundary water governance:

A treaty renegotiation process for water management in the Pacific Northwest fell this month back into the hands of the federal government from regional actors. If terms are not agreed on by all parties, the Columbia River Treaty could be terminated in 2024, leaving many people concerned, particularly those in British Columbia and Washington, who rely on the river for their energy needs.

The treaty was signed Jan. 17, 1961, but not but ratified until Sept. 16, 1964. The signatories must give 10 years notice from the ratification date (that is, by Sept. 16, 2014) to terminate the Treaty…

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In the Media: Children of rich Chinese home alone in Canada face challenges

A new UBC study examines the experiences of “astronaut families” – finding there are downsides to young people living and studying in the West with their families back in Asia.

Justin Tse, a doctoral student at UBC’s school of geography, co-authored the study that found children of astronaut parents “often perceive [their parents] as inconsistent, fragmentary interruptions in their otherwise independent lives, [changing] the character of intra-family relations.”

Read full story from South China Morning Post HERE.

In the Media: Richmond’s Highway to Heaven

The number of religious buildings popping up along Richmond’s no. 5 road is fueled by new immigrants, according to a UBC study.

David Ley, a professor in the Department of Geography, along with PhD student Justin Tse and a UK geographer, surmise: “The consequence is a landscape of religious diversity, where buildings of different faith communities stand somewhat incongruously cheek by jowl.”

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The Flood Returns: Matthew Evenden

Dr. Matthew Evenden, Associate Professor of Geography and the Chair of Canadian Studies at the University of British Columbia takes a look at the history of flooding in Calgary.

Read article here: featured in The Otter.

UPDATE: Article is also published in Calgary Herald as “Flood of 2013 is certain to alter city and the river”


Evenden, who specializes in the environmental history of water, was also featured on The Ubyssey in a recent article on his latest mobilizing rivers research.


For more information on Dr. Evenden and his research, please visit his personal blog:


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