Instructor: Sally Hermansen (
Office: Room 144, Geography Building
Office Hours: Monday after class – 12:00-1:00 

Lecture Time: Monday 10-12
Lecture Location: Geography building room 200

Lab Times: Mon 2-4, Mon 4-6, Tues 2-4 Wed. 4-6. 
Lab Location: Room 115 You may use 115 and 239 for independent work outside of official lab time; schedule of lab rooms: here
Lab Fee: A $20 lab fee is collected at the beginning of term (computer lab maintenance, software licenses). Printing is extra, you pay as needed: 10 cents for black and white, 40 cents for colour.

GIS software: ESRI’s ArcGIS is the software used in this course. The 2 computer labs have the software loaded on all computers. In addition, you can purchase a student version for the course for $25.00.

GIS in Koerner library: Room 217 in Koerner library has computers with ArcGIS that are open on weekends (library hours).  They have the same version as of ArcGIS as the Geography labs.
If you work from Koerner please keep this in mind:

  • The “H” drive is not visible from Koerner. Bring all the data you need on a USB memory stick or external hard drive.
  • The labs in Koerner don’t have “C:\data”. Instead, you will have to work on “C:\temp”

TA #1 : Alexandra Winter-Billington (
Lab Time: Monday lab sections Office Hours: during  lab times

TA #2 : Peter Whitman ( 
Lab Time:  “Tues Wed lab sections Office Hours: during lab time

Textbook: There is not a textbook you are required to buy for this course. However, there are readings provided in lecture for review from Heywood et al. An Introduction to Geogrpahical Information Systems There are many copies of this book in the GIC (Geography Information Centre, Geography building). There is little difference between editions of the text book.  


Final Project
Final Exam

Late Policy: A penalty of 1 mark per day will be deducted for late labs. Labs are to be submitted BEFORE the start time of your lab, usually in 2 weeks time. If your lab starts at 2:00, any submission past 2:00 will be deemed late. Weekends count as one day. So if the lab is out of 36 marks, and you received 30/36 but were 4 days late handing it in, your mark will be 26/36. Late labs will only be accepted before the labs are handed back (ie. you cannot hand in a lab after your lab group has had them handed back, marked). If you are unable to complete a lab in time, you must contact your TA before the lab is due. Late Policy for Final Project is 1% a day. So, the final project is worth 25% of your mark. If you end up getting 20/25, so a grade of 20% and you were 2 days late, you and all members of your group would receive 18%/25% on the final project 

Class conduct: Be respectful: of your fellow classmates during class, of your Instructor especially over email, and your TA. If you have a lab question, please email your TA. If you need to contact your Instructor about a lab issue, please indicate the name of your TA. If you need to email the Instructor, please be respectful in your emails. (A good rule is not to put something in an email that you could not say to the Instructor in person.)

Academic misconduct: students are expected to abide by UBC policies around academic misconduct.,54,111,959 Students are expected to submit their own work on lab assignments.