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The 2019 workshop series kicks off on Wednesday, February 27th with a panel discussion featuring students who have just finished applying to programs and are now working through deciding where to go. They can share with students their experiences, and the value they found in preparing early for the application process.

This yearlong workshop series helps guide students who are considering applying to graduate and professional programs. We start with an open discussion of what graduate programs are designed to do, what skills they tend to value, and how to increase your chances of being admitted. Over the course of the year we also review the entire application packet and help students develop their materials.

The workshop series is open to all UBC students although Sociology students and students in related disciplines usually benefit the most. If you plan to start a graduate program in September 2020, we suggest you start coming to this workshop in February 2019.

Students are asked to register for workshops here. This helps us prepare and know how many students are coming.

Workshop Schedule 2019

February 27: Panel discussion with recent applicants on applying to programs (4:30 ANSO)
March 20: Panel discussion with current grad students (4:30 ANSO)
April 17: Professional vs. Academic Graduate Programs (4:30 ANSO)
May 15: Preparing your Applications (4:30 ANSO)
June-July: Break
August 23: Editing and Reviewing your Statements of Purpose (10 am ANSO 1305)
September 20: Reviewing your Progress, Fine Tuning your Application (10 am ANSO 1305)
October 18: Managing the Application Process (10am ANSO 1305)
November 15: Accepting and Declining Offers (10am ANSO 1305)
December: Optional meeting by arrangement

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