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From: Metchosin, B.C
Major: Dietetics
Interests: Growing up in the small farm town of Metchosin B.C. I have always had an inherent interest of   how the food systems in British Columbia operate. This interest has grown stronger over the years and   has really sparked my enthusiasm for taking LFS 350. On top of this, I am also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Moksha Yoga practitioner, Food Nutrition and Health enthusiast, and Beatles fanatic!




From: Tunisia
Major: Applied Biology specialized in animals
Interests: I am really interested in critical thinking, as well as problem solving and this is one of the main reason why I am in my program. I am also passionate about the study of livings, especially humans and animals thus my specialization.




From: Victoria, B.C
Major: Dietetics
Interests: I really enjoy learning about human nutrition, human physiology and the science of food. Some of my hobbies include watching sports, listening to music and spending quality time with friends and family! I played soccer since was in grade four and continued on to playing for the U-Vic Vikes for a year before coming to UBC. I am excited to be enrolled in LFS 350 as I am passionate about using my knowledge and experiences and applying them to helping the community. Furthermore, it will allow me to expand my education and further enhance my real world involvement. The experiences and information gained in LFS 350 will be a great asset to have acquired for the future.




From: Montreal, Qc
Major: Plant Biology & Soil Science
Interests: I have forever been amazed at the resiliency of certain plants and the way in which they cope in “less than optimal” conditions. Throughout the summers here in Vancouver, I like to be a part of helping people start their own urban gardens, which now, after being a part of LFS, I realize contributes to local food security. Many of my interests lie in simply growing plants, observing them and taking care of them. Other interests include snowboarding, biking around with friends and cooking.
Yum Yum Yum!




From: Korea
Major: Food, Nutrition and Health
Interest: I am interested in learning about food, nutrition and health in general also I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and applying it to the real world!My interests or hobbies other than academic field would be cooking, travelling and playing golf. I love making and eating pasta and Greek food. I have been to several countries either by myself, with my family or with my friends. Learning about new culture is an amazing experience and it shapes me to view the world at different angles. I have been playing golf for 7 years and love playing it especially during the summer time when the sun is out!



When meeting a group of people for the first time it can sometimes be a nerve wracking experience. As you can see, members of our dream team come from many different backgrounds and some of our main interests don’t necessarily run parallel to each other at a first glance. Having such a diverse team this comes as no surprise, but a willingness to learn and engage in new experiences has helped bring us together. After our first few meetings we realized certain common goals and interests that has stemmed from all wanting to engage in this community project. We chose this project because of the great potential we saw it had, our interest in plant biology and our passion to help out a small community to the best of our abilities. Gambier Island is a remote, off the grid island just shy of the coast of mainland British Columbia. As a group, we aspire to learn more about the culture and history of the communities that once lived or continue to live on Gambier Island. Furthermore, we are all excited to learn more about the science and biology behind successfully grafting scions of pre-existing apple trees, that have been growing on Gambier Island for close to 100 years, onto healthy rootstocks. We hope to do this as a means to preserve and enhance the historical orchard that was once plentiful and fruitful and that is now currently in a state of needing more care and management. Our main goal of this experiential learning experience is to research, perform, and document the necessary steps involved in grafting apple trees and making this information available to the community on Gambier Island. Along with this information we will also provide follow up information on how to care for the grafted apple trees. By doing this we will be ensuring that the community will have the necessary knowledge be able to continue to expand and maintain a sustainable and healthy apple orchard on the beautiful and remote Gambier Island.

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