Gunita is a graduate student at the University of British Columbia and a secondary school teacher in Langley, BC. Her interests include long walks with her small dog, writing, art-making, cooking, and thinking.

Gunita is widely interested in everything to do with language, education, questioning normative ideas, and doing art and philosophy as an existential practice.

Her work looks at how teachers can imagine different ways of being in the classroom and the world, and the kind of thinking that must be done to encourage this, all in an effort to resist the neoliberal forces working to alter education for the “good” of the market.

Gunita enjoys disrupting scholarly writing practices and looking at the ways they might be rewritten to encompass onto-epistemologies that do not conform to Western Enlightenment ways of being and knowing.

Her doctoral work will continue to explore these themes.

Gunita is also consumed with almost all aspects of food and keeps a poorly maintained food blog here.


This blogsite is a compendium of (some of) Gunita’s work. As always, this digital medium can only do so much. Included you will find poetic expression, photos, links, and ongoing projects.

All told, Gunita is a dog-lover, food-lover, writer, and self-proclaimed reconceptualist interested in understanding emancipation from an onto-epistemological perspective. Please enjoy your exploration of her blog as a partial representation of her being.



Email: gunitagupta@gmail.com