BFF Breakup

Picture this: a woman with tear streaks down her face, wearing sweat pants, stuffing chocolate and ice cream into her mouth, and watching tv. This is the image that Hollywood gives us when it comes to breakups. Breakups can be some of the hardest times in life, but not all breakups are between couples; some of the hardest to deal with are between friends. Perhaps this is because we are brought up with the idea that romantic relationships end, but friendships are forever. Well, that’s not the case.

It’s easy to find information on how to get over a romance, but it’s much harder to find information about getting over broken friendships. Luckily, a lot of the same advice applies.

  1. Use your social support network. Other friends and family can help you deal with the loss of a friendship.
  2. Keep physically healthy by exercising and eating right. After all, physical health affects mental health.
  3. Accept and love yourself.  The fact that one friendship failed is not evidence that you are unlovable. Look at all the other wonderful relationships in your life to challenge thoughts like this.
  4. Give yourself time. It doesn’t seem as socially acceptable to mourn the loss of a friendship the way you would a romantic relationship, but this mourning period is just as necessary. Accept that you will feel bad, but that in time it will go away.

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