Updated Health Bulletin: Pertussis (whooping cough) outbreak

Health Bulletin
Image credit: Student Communications Services

Due to a pertussis (whooping cough) outbreak in the Fraser Valley, the National Advisory Committee for Immunizations recommends a single adult booster of pertussis vaccine  for residents in the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver.  This vaccine (ADACEL) is available for $28.00 at Student Health Service, and is refundable through the AMS/GSS student health insurance plan.

Update: April 2012

The free ADACEL program has now been expanded to include anyone (children, youth, adults) who are in contact with young children. Previously, ADACEL was only provided for free to those of aboriginal decent who have not received a pertussis vaccine in the last five years (the free vaccine is still available for these individuals).

To get the vaccine, make an appointment with Student Health Service by calling 604.822.7011, or by visiting the clinic in person. The Student Health Service clinic is located on the Main Floor of the UBC Hospital at M334-2211 Wesbrook Mall.