Healthy Relationships: One Life to Love Other Lives

“Hey!! How are you? ” is a question many of us ask and respond to several times everyday.

The response to this question could be “Good, how are you?” However, it is common for students to say “Good…just feeling tired. Been rather busy with work, volunteering, midterms and assignments.”

As students juggling multiple things everyday, we may be overwhelmed with the list of things-to-do and the various difficulties that could come our way. Not surprisingly, I was so caught up with my studies to the point in which I forgot to treasure the gift of life.

Recently, I was reminded of life’s  fragility when I heard about the news of my friend losing her loved one. Suddenly, my worries about midterms seemed small in comparison to the bigger picture of what matters the most – life.

I was deeply moved and wrote a letter of appreciation to my boyfriend, telling him how grateful I am that he is still alive and well!  Take a moment to ponder about your life and the life of your loved ones.

Decide anew everyday to:

You only get one life to love.  So take this chance today.


One Life to Love Official Music Video by 33 Miles

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