Out of the Comfort Zone

Have you done anything this summer that you never imagined you would ever do?

I have.

This summer, I am interning at a counselling center back home in my country, in a different state from where I am originally from. Coming here to intern was not easy.When I came here, I wondered why did I ever choose to come here when I could have done something less challenging.

I stay on my own in a state in which I barely know anyone, walk about 20 minutes in the scorching 31 degrees celcius to work, and daily cross dangerous roads with inefficient pedestrian crossing system.  And, the public bus transport system is not that convenient or user-friendly.


Serious haze in my country — out of my comfort zone (Photo by Cordelia)


I was challenged by my supervisor to make friends here. I began taking note of the ways in which I was stepping out of my comfort zone in different areas of my life:

  1. I talked in Mandarin with a grandmother although I rarely dared to speak Mandarin.
  2. I conversed in the local language although I used to think I sounded like a robot when I spoke it – not anymore.
  3. I traveled between states in my country alone – something that I am really scared of doing as it is not that safe here.
  4. I made a few new friends and put in effort to contact old friends.


What are some things that you have done this summer which are out of your comfort zone? What are some things on your to-do list that are challenging?