Recent UBC grad shares perspectives on mental health

Photo credit: Joshua Beharry

Everyone has mental health and some face challenges related to mental illness. UBC students are no exception, with depression reported as one of the most common mental health concerns.

Joshua Beharry, a recent UBC graduate, just launched a website to share his first-person perspective on mental health. Josh’s stories and essays touch on a variety of topics like depression, anxiety, stigma, and recovery.

I asked Josh a few questions to learn more about the new site and how it might help others think about and explore their own mental health.

C. What is Mental Health Point of View?

J. MHPOV (Mental Health Point of View) shares my experiences with anxiety, depression, and attempted suicide. MHPOV aims to provide a comprehensive look at mental illness and mental health from a first person point of view.

C. What inspired you to create this site?

J. I want to share my experiences with depression so others can avoid the difficulties I’ve faced. We need to be more educated and less stigmatized about mental illness.

C. How can MHPOV help others?

J. MHPOV is a valuable resource to anyone who wants to learn about what it’s like to live with a mental illness. By visiting MHPOV viewers can learn what I have learned, through experience, over the last few years.

To read more about Josh’s story, or to sign up for future site updates, visit Mental Health Point of View.