Back to basics: Life Centres

My journey at UBC has been about finding balance. Finding balance… sounds like a phrase a person in a white yoga outfit with an eerily fixed smile would throw at you from a meditation tutorial on Youtube. With a backdrop of soft jazz music. A sunny day. On the white sands of a beautiful beach.

But everyday isn’t a sunny day on white sands, is it? Especially as a university-going student, our days are more aptly described by this fella.


So what can we do, to feel a little less like this and a little more… in control? We can find small balances which move us in the right direction towards wellness and a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s a concept: life centres. We give importance to different aspects of our life. We have a few which we give more importance to in terms of time and effort; we centre our lives on these. A few common ones we can be are self-centred, relationship-centred, family-centred, friend-centred, health-centred, academic-centred, or work-centred. The challenge is to not let any centre (or two) overpower our other life centres to a point where we start neglecting them.

Of course everyone has their own way for finding a balance in their centres, sometimes unconsciously. But personally, I have realized in the last few years that investing too much in one centre and ignoring my other centres has caused me more distress than I’d like to ever experience again. So we learn to be intentional about our habits, and we move forward.

Over the next few blog posts, I am going to discuss the ways in which I found small balances in my centres, and I hope that you can learn from it. From what I did right, and from what I did horribly wrong. That’s all for today, see you in the next post!