Week 5 of Live Well Challenges: Eating a Nutritious Breakfast Every Morning Reflections

It’s the last week of the Live Well Challenges, and this week we, the Wellness Peers, started our mornings by enjoying a delicious breakfast. We challenged ourselves to eat a healthy and hearty breakfast as part of our daily routines. Overnight oats, eggs benedicts with smoked salmon, and creative sandwiches were some of the many recipes we tried this week. Read below to see how each of us fit a healthy breakfast into our morning routines:


Normally, at about 10am, I find myself getting quite tired and have trouble focusing. My stomach then makes the loudest grumbling sound imaginable and I’m reminded that I haven’t eaten in a while. Quick breakfast options are somewhat limited on my side of campus so I usually just stop by the closest café, buy a muffin and continue on with my day.

This week, however, eating breakfast at home gave me more focus in the morning. I was also spared the embarrassment of my loud stomach growls. Feeling more alert and focused in the mornings was helpful as I was able to cross a few things off my to-do list. As a bonus, I saved money because I wasn’t buying breakfast every morning.

Moving forward, I’m going to look for some more quick and easy breakfast options (overnight oats definitely sustained me this week) that I can prep the night before and eat on the go. I’m sure they’ll still be days when I skip breakfast, but I’m determined to keep up with this challenge. Having more productive mornings is just too good to give up!


I rarely give myself the extra time required to sit down and eat a proper breakfast. Often, I try to survive until 11am with just coffee and then purchase an early lunch on campus (or simply eat candy). This week, however, I made an effort to eat something before I stepped into my 9:30am class, in hopes that my stomach would not embarrass me with loud growls and irritated grumbles.

Realistically, I knew that it would be too much of a change for me to get up 30 minutes earlier in the mornings and make a large sit down breakfast, so I decided to devote myself to the wonderful world of toast, at least for the week. I was surprised by how many creative forms of sandwiches I could come up with, even when pressured by the bus schedule. The past few days of the breakfast challenge have been a welcome throwback to peanut butter and jelly, buttered toast, and scrambled eggs. I found that my energy levels were a bit higher in class, and I was able to focus without fighting the constant thought of “I’m hungry, where is my next meal?”

In combination with my (essential) cup of coffee and a lollipop here and there, my early mornings definitely took a turn for the better!


My daily morning routine often tests my coordination and balance as I juggle a delicate avocado toast in one hand, while dashing towards the bus stop. Often, a piece of avocado (or two) tumbles from my grasp, leaving me a little disheartened. I also find myself eating the same breakfast every morning, as I don’t have time to linger at the fridge deciding what I want to eat.

This week, I made a personal goal to find creative, new breakfast recipes to try, and to enjoy a calm, sit down meal one day of the week. I found creative breakfast recipes I could make the night before, and took advantage of my glorious magic bullet. From overnight oats, to kale, avocado and apple smoothies, I looked forward to breakfast every morning (whether it was on the bus or at home). On days where my classes started later, I enjoyed a sit down meal. By starting my mornings with a content stomach and a calm mood, I felt more collected and able to tackle my daily tasks.


My typical morning meal consists of almond milk and a scoop of instant coffee. It’s fast and easy, perfect for my usual “ain’t nobody got time attitude toward breakfast. However, many times, I buy breakfast on campus because I know I can’t last the morning without food, which ends up costing quite a bit of money. In light of this week’s challenge, I finally decided to go grocery shopping over the long weekend.

I started off the week making eggs benedict with smoked salmon. After googling how to poach an egg online, I slapped together an eggs benedict that actually turned out to be pretty delicious. My roommates were very proud. As opposed to my usual get-up-and-go mornings, it felt nice to relax a little and make a hearty meal to start the day. Throughout the morning, I felt like I had more energy, which lasted me until lunch time. I continued to do this for the next couple of days (I kept making eggs benedict because I was so proud of my poached eggs). Although I got to the lab a little later in the mornings, it was great to start each day with sustenance in my body. I also saved some money, which is always helpful to poor graduate students like me.


This week, I tried my best to squeeze in time to eat a quick and nourishing meal. Each night, I prepared some overnight oats with chia seeds and soy milk. I found that preparing meals in advance is so much easier than scrambling around to make breakfast in the morning. It also made my mornings a little less hectic. Overall, the breakfast sustained my energy levels well until noon, avoiding those embarrassing whale noises in the middle of my morning lectures. I know I’ll be trying to maintain this healthy habit into exam week.

How did you fit in breakfast on your busiest mornings? Please feel free to share your thoughts and reflections by commenting below, or through social media, using #ubcpeerperspective.

Over the past five weeks, we’ve tried to raise awareness about various aspects of our lives that impact our wellness. Though the Live Well Challenges have ended, we hope you will continue to choose healthy options and find balance. As Wellness Peers, we will continue to post about living well, so please continue to check the blog for helpful, student-tested info about health and wellbeing. And, if you have specific questions about your wellness, drop into the Wellness Centre to chat with us one-on-one.