A Call Out for Wellness Peers 2017-2018!

“I’ve learned so much about health and wellbeing by being a Wellness Peer. It’s great to have the opportunity to  inform and help other students regarding health-related topics.” -Courtney (Current Wellness Peer)

I love Wellness Peers because not only do I get to work with other students that are passionate about health and wellbeing, but I get support and resources from the university. My most applicable skills have come from training and experiences through Wellness Peers. The things I’ve learned here far surpass the things I’ve learned from past jobs.” – Katie (Current Wellness Peer)

The Wellness Peers are a group of dedicated individuals who work out of the Wellness Centre to provide peer-to-peer perspectives on topics of wellness, including but not limited to, mental health, physical health, and sexual health. We have a passion for health promotion and we are always happy to connect students with wellness related campaigns and help provide information about resources, both on and off campus.  

As leaders in the Wellness Peer Program, we contribute to the larger university commitment to enhancing student mental health and wellbeing and support the UBC community through health education and health promotion.

Additional perks to being a Wellness Peer? We get extensive weekly training on a variety of  health topics such as QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer), how to respond to disclosures of sexual assault, and ways to improve our own mental health and wellbeing.

(We also delicious get snacks!)

January is recruitment month and the Wellness Peer Program is looking for new members to join the team for the school year of 2017/2018! If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, please visit the Peer Programs page to read up on what this commitment entails.

If you would like to speak with a current Wellness Peer on their experience, please visit the Wellness Centre. We are located in room 183 on the first floor of Irving K Barber.

Applications close at 11:59pm on January 29, 2017.
Good luck!