Your Study Soundtrack: UBC Edition

Almost everyone has a favorite study spot. Maybe it’s that cozy corner table at a coffee shop surrounded by the smell of roasting coffee beans and the background chatter of people catching up. Or maybe it’s one of the window seats in the silent Ridington Room of IKB (aka the Harry Potter Room), where large portraits adorn the walls and silence blankets every student.

What’s even more common than having a favorite study spot though? The playlists that gets you through every tough chapter, practice problem set, and endless lecture slides. Music can help improve focus by improving your mood and can help aid endurance during those long days and nights in the library. It can also help with relaxation, and potentially reduce stress or anxiety while studying. Furthermore, music can help to prevent our minds from wandering while allowing us to stay focused on the task at hand!

Scroll a little bit farther down and you’ll find links and descriptions to a set of playlists created specifically for UBC students, combining certain study or relaxation spots on campus (maybe one that you already frequent) with music that matches the character of each location.

Study I – Great Dane:

Whatever your favorite coffee shop is at UBC (JJ Bean? Great Dane? Uppercase? Bean Around the World?), here are some acoustic/singer-songwriter/soft indie music for studying to go along with that extra-large cup of coffee.

Study II – The Chan Centre:

This playlist contains classical music, instrumental pieces, and orchestral scores from movie soundtracks. On another note, if you ever have a chance to listen to the UBC Symphony Orchestra then you should look up their next concert. Your ears will thank you.

Study III – The Gallery:

Whether you’re taking a break with friends or getting into the 5th hour of studying, the beats from these chill songs are subtle enough to have on in the background without being a distraction. Surprisingly, the Gallery is study and work spot during the day before night rolls around.

Now that you have your studying soundtrack, get back to those books and rock those exams!

Author and Playlist Creator: Nicole Mar