Applications to become a Wellness Peer are open! “Why did I become a Wellness Peer?”

Mental health is something that is so important with me. It was ten years ago, and it still is now. I’ve learnt how to persevere when the odds were stacked against me and most importantly, I’ve learned how to flourish.  I was immediately drawn to Wellness Peers because of the emphasis on mental health and wellbeing and seeing that they had topic specific teams, like the Suicide Awareness Team.

Now a whole semester with Wellness Peers, I can say I made one of the greatest decisions. Everyone on this team cares so much for the same things: mental health and general wellbeing. It’s nice having somewhere to go when I’m feeling under the weather and even more amazing getting the opportunity to talk to my fellow peers or supervisors when I need someone to listen. The training is absolutely invaluable and I’m able to use it whenever I’m in the centre and wherever I go. To be able to comfort a distressed student when they come in and help them to feel better when they leave is one of the most valuable and comforting experiences I’ve encountered in my role.

If I had any piece of advice for anyone who cares for mental health or general wellbeing, I would say apply to be a Wellness Peer! It’s a beautiful opportunity and I still feel like I have a lot to learn in this role.

Apply to be a Wellness Peer until January 31st:

Post Written by Mai.