Getting past the term 2 blues

September and January sound weirdly familiar: “read the syllabus,” “what classes are you taking,” “last term was ridiculous,” so on, so forth. And while there’s something to be said for routine, it can also be incredibly draining, which makes getting motivated… well… Hard.

But fear not, we have four tips to build yourself back up and power through the last half of second term:

1. Pat yourself on the back. Four months is a long time, but it’s nothing you haven’t already done! You finished term one, and now you’re officially at the halfway mark for the second term. Just recreate last term’s success!


2. Make Reading Week something special. To make Reading Week extra supernaturally good, set up some interim goals so that you have something to celebrate. Did your homework? Got started on a final project? Dragged yourself out of bed? You’re doing great!


3. Take smaller bites. Netflix is easy to binge because shows are broken up into fun-sized chunks. You can do this with life, too! Don’t sit down expecting to write an entire paper in one go, just aim for one paragraph and go from there — you’ll have 11 done before you know it.


4. Keep your eye on the prize. At the end of the term, you’ll be a year closer to being done, and that’s a big deal. University is hard, and sticking through it is hardly a low-key big deal.


Post Written by: Peter M.


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