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Posted by: | August 24, 2010

You can feel the tension and excitement growing on campus lately. The students are coming so soon! This means that everyone on campus is getting very busy.  I’m amazed at so many of you who have been working for years here.  Every year it’s the same pattern- we rush and rush to get campus ready for the huge tide of students, then finally catch our breath at Christmas break (maybe), then do another crazy busy semester in the Spring, then catch our breath in May again.  Only to start planning for the Fall!

It makes me think about what keeps us all going in our various positions on campus.  What keeps you pushing to do more, be more and achieve more, year after year?

I know we worry about burnout and how to retain UBC staff and faculty.  We want all of you talented, great people to work hard here and stay on here.  But what can keep you going, year after year?

When I look at my own work, I have statistics that show me the purpose of my work.  Articles (like the one below), show me that my work will matter in the long run for our university.  The more we save at the university by doing health promotions, the more we can invest in other great things, like services or research or [fill in the blank!].  It’s comforting to know that the importance of health promotions (particularly in a workplace setting) is being affirmed.

What really keeps me going is when I hear from an individual that shows me how much my work matters. For example, yesterday I was sent the best email!  I received the kindest email from someone whom I had never met.  She thanked me for doing my work because she knew how important it was from her own personal experience.  I always save these types of emails.  They’re from a person whose life I’ve somehow (often unwittingly) touched, who decides to take a few minutes to thank me, to share with me their personal story.  It’s a real gift for me.

When I used to work with university students, I used to experience that every once in a while. It was hard, running residence halls and often spending the majority of my time reminding students what they *should* be doing (as opposed to what they did in the wee hours of the morning after far too many drinks).  It was often times a rather thankless job.  But every once in a while, I would have a student who would turn to me and thank me.  It was those thank you’s that kept me going.

So who at UBC has been worthy of your thanks recently?  I hope you’ll take that extra minute to send them a personal card via campus mail, or maybe an email.  Maybe it was your supervisor, or your colleague or a complete stranger that was nice to you on the phone.  Let’s give thanks for all the hardworking folks on campus, who make our day just a little bit brighter.  I can think of hundreds of people here at UBC!

On another note, in case you’re interested in why health promotions matters in the workplace, see below.

Company Wellness Programs Pay Off Over Time

New research from the U. of Michigan Health Management Research Center reveals that wellness programs may improve the bottom line. In one of the only long-term studies of its kind, researchers followed the wellness efforts of a Midwest US utility company over the course of 9 years.

While the company spent $7.3 million for the program, it ultimately saved $12.1 million in medical and pharmacy costs, employee time off, and worker’s compensation costs. “One of the advantages of the study is it shows that a sustainable program will give you savings,” said lead researcher Dee Edington.

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