A Case of the Lunchies

Posted by: | January 26, 2011

So I’ve been working hard to bring lunch to work lately (to be more fiscally responsible and to be healthier), and I found myself dreading the thought on Monday of having to munch on my “Oh So Healthy Salad” (see recipe below).  After the first bite  though, I realized that it’s not really my “Oh So Healthy Salad.”  It’s really my “Oh So Tasty Salad!”  It’s very strange how hard it is to force myself to eat my salads, despite the fact that once I start eating them I find them rather yummy. 

So I also wanted to share this blog post by one of the students from Healthy Minds at UBC (http://blog.students.ubc.ca/healthyminds/2011/01/24/out-to-lunch-no-longer/comment-page-1/#comment-2969), as I found it interesting that we’re both focused on the same goals (financial and physical health through our lunches), but that she’s come up with an awesome point that inspires her to stay connected with her goals: a new lunchbox!  It makes me think of how when I own workout (running, climbing, biking) clothes that make me feel good, I’m more likely to go be active.  I also find that if I’m not feeling like being active but manage to force myself to put on the workout clothes, I manage to muster up some motivation for physical activity.

Anyways, thanks to the folks at the VP Students Office for the Healthy UBC Blog- I love it!

And I hope you can avoid a case of the lunchies, like I am, by bringing healthful foods to work (and then finding a place other than your desk to eat it!).

Oh So Healthy Tasty Salad

baby spinach
pumpkin seeds
tamari almonds
sesame seeds
grilled asparagus (spray some olive oil on the asparagus, sprinkle on some salt & pepper, then grill it lightly)
diced carrots

Dressing: balsamic, olive oil and just a bit of honey dijon mustard, mixed together with a fork, then drizzled (lightly!) over top.

Something I’ve learned about dressing: always put on less than you think you need, so that you can taste the various vegetables that are in it. You’ll acquire a refined taste for the array of veggies, as opposed to an addiction to the dressing!  Even better is if you can get an empty spray bottle and merely spray on your dressing- that way you don’t have huge globs drowning that poor piece of spinach.

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One Response to “A Case of the Lunchies”

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the blog shout out, Suzanne. These are some great tips, and a delicious salad recipe!

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