Misjudging the Veggies

Posted by: | February 16, 2011

When researching for March’s Food of the Month for the Healthy UBC Newsletter, I found an interesting article online about a study done on the food preferences of approximately 50, 000 college students in the 1966-1967 school year.  It ranked the foods least liked by these college students, in a nice little table.  48% of the students surveyed disliked brussel sprouts.  So, finally I am assured, that my tendency to dislike and avoid a number of different vegetables is not uncommon.

But then I went to a restaurant with my mother for dinner.  It was a really nice place, but my Mom decides to order brussel sprouts at the recommendation of the waiter!  I was embarrassed at her lack of taste in good food, only to discover that those little ugly things tasted really, really good.  No, I should say they tasted so good that I have actually returned to that restaurant just to eat them again!  So there you go, my Mom is still teaching me new things about vegetables. (Moms are just amazing aren’t they?)

They also happen to be pretty good for you, since they reportedly have a lot of Vitamin C.

This is what I am constantly learning: we, simply, have misjudged our food.  The food that we have been fed (sorry, Mom!) simply isn’t representative of what the actual vegetables taste like.  The brussel sprouts of today are not the brussel sprouts of our childhood.  So let’s put aside our blame and judgement and try vegetables anew, because like me, you’ll likely be surprised every time.

Just wait until late next week- I’ll be updating the Food of the Month with some recipes about making brussel sprouts taste delicious!

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