March Health Hero: The Health Advocates

Posted by: | February 28, 2011

Right now, I am running the UBC Travelling Health Fair.  Last month, we asked for people to invite us into their departments to help us host the fair at the various workplaces around UBC Vancouver.   So each day over a two week period, accompanied by a team of health consultants, I spend the day promoting health in different people’s workspaces.

This month, I thought it would be appropriate for our Health Hero to really focus on the folks in these workplaces that advocate for health, such as our gracious hosts for the Travelling Health Fair.  They took the time to step forward and say, “Yes, we want you to help us take care of ourselves and our colleagues.”  I know it is not always easy to fit in time to book rooms and host us, so thanks to these recent health advocates:

  • Kelly Ceron and Raquel Park at the ICapture Centre in St. Paul’s Hospital
  • Jennifer Weston and Tamiza Abji at the Faculty of Medicine in the Diamond Health Care Centre
  • Jenny Reilly and Wendy Lock in Engineering Co-Op at the Pulp and Paper Centre
  • Sandy Reichert at the Faculty of Dentistry in the J.B. MacDonald Building
  • Frank Franze at UBC Human Resources in the General Services Administration Building
  • Gillian Harris at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability in the Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory
  • Yuko Ikegami Lee from the Faculty of Forestry and Maria Erhardt at the Faculty of Land and Food Systems
  • Patty Hambler at the Centre for Student Involvement in Brock Hall

If you are lucky, there is a Health Hero in your department already.  You know who it is in your department: I am talking about the person who gets people out for a lunchtime walk on a sunny day, challenges others to get involved in the Sun Run team or the Amazing Race Health Challenge team.  So please go do me a favour: go thank your health advocate.  They are the people who make real change in workplaces here at UBC, by consistently pushing our office culture to encourage us to take care of ourselves and each other.   Many of them are part of our Healthy UBC Network (or maybe you could tell your office Health Advocate to join our network for more support).

So thank you to the UBC Health Advocates all over campus. You are making UBC healthier every day.

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One Response to “March Health Hero: The Health Advocates”

  1. Eli Koleva says:

    What is it that makes people do something for other people’s wellbeing or the greater good? Obviously it is not the pay, as there is none for volunteering. Is it all the trouble of getting an inert crowd organized and motivated to do something for themselves? It sure takes a cosmic amount of energy to change a mind set, not to mention a few of them.
    Or is it the personal satisfaction that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life, and it doesn’t matter if that difference is for a minute, a day, or longer. It is, indeed, the warm feeling inside that one gets hearing how other people learned something new today, or made that little move to change their routine into a healthier and happier life exercise. I am sure this is what makes our Yuko, health coordinator in our faculty, to keep organizing a bunch of us into a well-behaved, well-nurtured and well-exercised bur most importantly, happier group of people at UBC. Thank you, Yuko!

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