Growing Every Day In A Variety of Ways

Posted by: | March 11, 2011

It’s that time of year. Performance reviews. So it makes me look back at my goals and objectives from last year. I have a tendency to look back at the long list of plans and focus in on what I have not done. For example, I really wanted to do my HR certification this year…(oops!)

In fact, I look back and wonder where all the time went!  I had no time for professional development, it seems!

But that’s not actually true. I just found different ways to develop professionally in a lot of different venues.  Over the past year, I took a course on the Fundamentals of HTML and I’ve developed my own private consulting business offering workshops and coaching to parents of tweens and teens (I used to do this work in Vermont).

Because of my connections and work at UBC, I’m even developing a course for UBC Continuing Studies on Parenting Teens, which I’m running in the evenings for 4 weeks in May. I also just was asked to be one of the major presenters at the Summer Institute on Workplace Wellness in June. Both of these are exciting opportunities to push myself to try new things: a way to build on my intellectual health.

So I wonder how you’re developing and growing every day, in a variety of ways? Perhaps you can’t attend the next conference in your field, but maybe there’s a course you can take that will help you build skills for your work. There’s so many opportunities at UBC, beyond the more traditional “performance development” ideas, that you can take advantage of. Spring and Summer tends to be the time to fit these things in, so I thought I’d highlight the ones I know about:

  • First- Do you know what you have for professional development funding? Double-check!
  • Leave for Change: UBC is amazing and this program is just plain proof of its amazing-ness.  Every year, UBC sends 6 lucky staff members oversees to volunteer with Uniterra in developing countries.  The staff members from this year’s Leave for Change are currently overseas and blogging about their experiences. There’s also the Community Leadership Program, where you can work with students who are volunteering for a local elementary school.
  • I’m waiting for a chance to get a coach myself, but so far I’ve not gotten around it. It’s free! They’re insightful! They’re just for you!
  • Managing at UBC: If you’re managing people at UBC, then you should get some extra support. This program is meant for new managers. Once again, it’s free.
  • MOST Development Workshops: Open to the general community, with discounts for UBC staff and faculty, the MOST folks are always bringing in presenters who help you build your skills.
  • Continuing Studies is always offering exciting opportunities. That’s where I took my HTML class. I’m also very excited by their upcoming health courses (particularly since I’m teaching one!).
  • There’s a ton of other learning service providers that I’m sure I’ve missed. We’re lifelong learners here at UBC, so take advantage of the opportunities.

So really, what can you put into your schedule for next month, or the month after (and leave it in there!), to prioritize you learning and growing into a better professional?  It’s part of our job to become better, isn’t it?

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