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Posted by: | October 4, 2011

What is your passion?  According the Oxford English Dictionary, a passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.  I would like to take that definition a bit further and say that it is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something and the opportunity to share that something with others. 

My passion is dancing, Polynesian dancing to be specific, and nothing brings me more joy than sharing my passion and love for dance and culture with others.  What I discovered over the last month is that it can be very easy to become totally engulfed in something and to forget why you enjoyed it in the first place.  This past weekend my dance studio had its annual show and now that I am an instructor, in addition to being a dancer, my to-do list resembled a small novel.  There were dancers to organize, costumes to be made, flowers to be strung and music to be recorded.  This was in addition to a three day a week rehearsal schedule of my own.  My loved ones referred to me as a tornado that swirled in, riled everyone up, involving them in my madness and as quickly as I arrived, I was gone. 

This weekend was no different.  I arrived at the theatre at 9am, in preparation for a 2pm show.  I had time to swallow half a bagel and some almonds while combing my hair and checking up on my dancers.  By 2 pm, I was exhausted and the show was only about to begin.  Then a wonderful thing happened:  the curtain opened and excitement pumped through my veins and I suddenly remembered why I do this. I do it because I love it.  I had more fun in those two hours than I had in the last two months.  I had nothing left on my to-do list but to share my passion with the audience. 

I have spent the last few days on a euphoric (albeit sleepy) cloud.  I realise now that my stress and worry built upon each other until I was at my mental breaking point questioning why I even danced at all.  No passion is worth sacrificing your sanity for, especially when it is supposed to be what brings you the greatest joy.  Too often we obsess over details and on attaining perfection and in the process we allow the fun and excitement to drain away.   

With UBC Thrive 2011 on the horizon, I encourage everyone to think about their passion.  I encourage you to find something that you love and to share it with someone else.  Nothing parallels the feeling of being in love with something and inviting another person to share in it with you.  This is how I thrive.

My Thrive resolution: I have decided that before my next event, I will write out my reason for participating on a post-it.  I pledge to keep this post-it somewhere visible and hope that it will keep me in check when my mind starts to get away from me.  I hope the post-it will help me stay grounded and focused on the true reason for dancing:  It is my passion and I love it.

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  1. Hi Miranda, I love dancing and your article just reminded me that I have not danced in a long while. I used to go to a Latin dance workshop 2 days a week and I did that for 6 years. I remember that each 2-hour session made me want to come back for the next one and I couldn’t wait until the next one came. It was bliss. But when I moved to Canada, those sessions stopped and I haven’t really found the time to go out there and do some dancing again! My other greatest passion is diving. And that, I try to do when I travel to the tropics, as often as I can. I have now progressed into photography. The wide array of forms and colours of sea life present a large set of subjects to my lens. And the products of this activity are useful to my research as well. So this passion is fulfilled and alive. One of these days, maybe, I will go dancing again …

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