Do you have a game plan?

Posted by: | October 24, 2011

On a daily basis we are bombarded by research in the media with respect to practically every aspect of our mental and physical wellbeing.  With each passing day there is something else out there that will kill us, give us cancer or leach radiation into our brains.  While I am not dismissing these claims as false or ill-intentioned, sometimes, I just stop listening.  It is important to be aware of new information being discovered but it is perhaps more important to transform this awareness into lifelong habits that could potentially save our lives. 

The promotion of this type of lifestyle behaviour change is something I feel the Canadian Cancer Society is really trying to touch on with their latest campaign: the Women’s Health What’s Your Game Plan? CampaignIt encourages women to become active participants in their own health and in protecting themselves against 3 types of cancer that account for 40% of all new cases: Colorectal, breast and cervical.  The campaign encourages women to set a game plan based on the following:

Know your body

Check your family history

Get screened to help with early detection

Make healthy choices

We supposedly have the most accountability to ourselves when we set a goal and write it out by hand.  This takes the idea out of our mind and makes it tangible and more attainable.  You can now all be witnesses to my game plan (I typed it but I think it will still work!):

I will try to be more aware of  changes that I notice within my body and will be sure to see a doctor if they persist or worry me.  I am aware of a family history of colon cancer and intend to follow the suggested age guidelines for when I will need my first screening.  I will continue to get my annual PAP test to help protect me against cervical cancer and I will continue to strive to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle that includes getting enough veggies, sleep and exercise.

So, what is your game plan?

My plan took me about 2 minutes to write and already I feel as if I have taken a step in the right direction with respect to my health.  I am feeling the mental benefits already and providing I stick with it, I am hopeful the physical benefits will follow.

For all of our male readers, you have not been forgotten.  September was the Men’s Health What’s Your Game Plan?  Campaign.

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One Response to “Do you have a game plan?”

  1. Ashley says:

    Setting a goal (or in this case creating a Game Plan) is the first step to achieving it (or sticking to it). Thanks Miranda for sharing!

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